Sunday, January 1, 2017

1 January Toad Hall. A morning walk and a hedgehog in a bowl.

Having recently begun to do artwork every day has made me miss blog posts. It has felt good to return to a daily schedule. I think, therefore, that I shall park my daily thoughts and work and musings here.

This morning I started out the new year with my morning walk. I am lucky in our surroundings, as it is a very quiet private area that is mainly used in the Summer. The houses of our neighbours dot the landscape but are mainly empty this time of year.

It was bright and sharp and cool this morning. The kind of morning that you see your breath and don a hat and gloves, but feel the warmth of the sun on you as you meander along.

My walk is a wander through wood and field and often finishes on the shore. I took our beach back home. Here you can see the old brick path and our neighbours dock and as you turn onto the beach back to our place you can see our old Boat house peeking out of the trees.

My daily scribble today is a hedgehog in a vintage bowl. On my walk I was thinking how lovely it would be if we were lucky to have native hedgehogs as does England. I also collect the pyrex butterprint pattern and thus was born today's drawing.
I hope you all have a lovely bright start of a new year. 
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