Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 January 2017 Gooseberry Pyrex and a cat in a bowl

Today my drawing is again inspired by vintage pyrex. I love the stuff. My own collection is mainly the butterprint, which I featured on my 1 January drawing. Today I am showcasing gooseberry. It is easily a tie with butterprint as the most popular.

The main collected colour is the lovely vintage pink colour. My good friend and niece collects this pattern in this colour. However, the gooseberry pattern does come in different shades, including my signature blue.

The dark green and white is a rare colour but is one of the shades available. THIS is a great post by a collector of gooseberry that is     worth checking out.

This love of pyrex and of course the daily companionship of my cat, Puss, lead to today's drawing. She being a ginger lead her to easily be seen as a pink kitty.

I think the mug might be a good gift idea for my friend who collects gooseberry.

I hope you all have a lovely vintage and art filled day.

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