Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 September 1956 “Picnic, Peyton Place, and To-doing”

I hope all of you, here in the USA, enjoyed Labor Day.
Here is the song from the movie Picnic (starring Kim Novac and William Holden) played on a jukebox from 1954. This would be the way to enjoy music here at a bowling alley, bar, or possibly a soda shop that allowed dancing.
The movie Picnic came out last year 1955 and I believe I discussed it then. It occurs on Labor Day culminating in, of course, a Picnic.
Another 1950’s film that involves Labor Day is Peyton Place. This film will not come out until next year (1957) but this year the book was released. PeytonPlace I am currently reading it and am really enjoying it. It is a good description of the New Englander of the small town. This book would become somewhat of a scandal and particularly in the lakes district of New Hampshire, where Metalious lived. My husbands great great grandparents owned a summer house/farm in this area back in the 1890’s.
This book would have a sequel, Return to Peyton Place, and it also had a daytime tv drama that ran from 1964-69.
I am sorry for the absence of a post yesterday, but I did take the day off. Today’s post is rather short, as well, as I am really going to be spending some time on the website this week, so I can finally just get that up. I want to be able to start focusing on my book. After my post about the book challenge ( I still don’t know who the winners are for that) and some of your lovely comments and emails, I really feel like I should write a book. I have much of it in my head already, many notes and so much in my blog that I have already covered, that I thought, "Why not just do it”. I am not sure how it will be available. I most likely will have it available as a self-published book or e-book when it is done. I don’t know that I want to mess about with agents and publishing companies. I think there is just to much of the ‘You can do it yourself’ atitude in me to go through normal channels. And I like our community we are growing and feel if we want to make and share a book, than we should. Maybe in the future, if others want to make their own books we can have a ‘book sale’ on the new site and give all our readers a chance to join in.
Well, I hope all are having a lovely day. Here on Cape our weather is perfect, 70’s, sunny, soft breeze, perfect biking and beach walking weather. And I shall still give myself that time to walk and be outside as well as my usual chores and now my book and site. I find when one get’s busier, we must still allow ourselves to LIVE in that day. To stop and ‘smell the roses’ as it were, for me it is having a cuppa while watching my chickens scratch in the garden. Taking a walk down to the canal and back home. Enjoying a cocktail or talk with hubby after dinner. When we remove modern media from our lives, other than for a few reasonable hours, it is amazing what one can accomplish in one’s day.
Until tomorrow then, Happy Homemaking.
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