Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 August 1956 “Summer Recipes and a Gentle Warning of Things to Come.”

First off, some fun summer recipes:
gardenfreshmeals This month I am going to be sharing the recipes from this article with you. Each section is broken down into a specific summer time meal. Today we are going to be looking at Simple Meals Done Fancy. (Click to see images larger)simplemeals
hawaiianhamrolls citrusfrenchdressing bowknotrolls chocsundae And while you are making your fun summer meal, why not make an attractive place in which to eat it. I love that in this setting they took the color cues from the marigolds (which you could plant flowers near your outdoor seating it flowers to match your dishes you may already have) and the color of the birch trees. And yellow and gray is such a fun and yet sophisticated color palette.
Living in 1956 has become rather normal to me. Thumbing through my old magazines, I am always jotting down recipes or earmarking pages for future plans or posts. Sometimes I will see an ad and it will strike me first as a 56 woman. This ad did that.dixieadIt seems innocent enough (Click to enlarge) but when I read the caption under the smiling girl I thought, “Oh no, that is not a good lesson to teach”. It reads: “Little girls are learning from their mothers that Dixie cups eliminate between meal dish washing. Used for after school snacks, juices, lunches, and bedtime drinks, inexpensive Dixie cups saves hours of work in the kitchen.”
Now, the 1956 me thought, that is sad. That little girl will learn to waste and how can it be Less expensive to buy more of a product you don’t need, when you can simply wash a glass? My older woman 50’s mentality kicked in and my War Time Thrift dander was up.
“That’s a shame” my 50’s persona said, ‘That young girls today shall learn it is easier to be wasteful and lazy than to merely rinse a glass or two until evening dishwashing time. And, they have dishwashers, which we never had in my day” Sometimes my 50’s persona can sound like a curmudgeonly old grandma, but it is true.
Then, of course, the ‘modern me’ poked her two cents in. “Ah, ha! They are already beginning to train the boomer generation to naturally shop and buy things to make life ‘easier’ without considering consequence to pocketbook or their grandchildren’s world. (It can be hard to keep the modern me quiet as well)
So, really not even a rant, gals, just a gentle warning sign. Here it is, mid 50’s, and we are training ourselves that it is easier to buy and spend more and have more garbage than to just take a second to wash out a glass. Did it start this way? Easier? : Okay, a few more dollars in the budget for this and that and though I am still ‘at home’ and could wash it out quickly, why bother. Now I have more time and oh, the tv to watch… Generations later: I can’t afford all these bills and I need to charge products I need and then work two jobs to pay for them. Now my dixie cups that cost one dollar cost me 50 with all the credit card interest. But, it’s so easy!
Is this an over exaggeration or did we start out innocently enough like this, a simple little ad for paper cups you throw away with a smiling little girl happy to ‘learn the ease of disposable living’?
Lately my need to rant has somewhat left me. I can feel overwhelmed when I spot such things creeping into our culture through my magazines, but what can I do? I know, we can just pay attention and be cautious of what we buy. Yet, I feel so bad for the countless seeming masses of people who will never even realize that they could lead a different easier more fulfilling life. What can one do? So, we smile and make our lives as rich as we can. I know my life is still better for having opened my eyes to my own modern world and the new generations. Overall I still feel rather positive about our future because then I think of all of you. How many wonderful people seem to be out there in Blog land with good common sense and the ability to ask, “WHY” and not just take their world at face value. To evaluate their lives and their decisions and make real choices to improve themselves and their children’s futures. So Brava and Bravo to all of you who do make a difference in the modern world.
Now, go make some of these lovely fun summer recipes and enjoy yourself! Happy Homemaking.
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