Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 June 1955 “Sorry, Solid Potato Salad, and Discussion”

Here it is, another day, and no post. I am very sorry. I am so busy and my normal routine has been topsy turvy with rental viewings, hubbies work schedule all over the place and just general business. It is no excuse, certainly. As one of my main tenets of this project has been to properly organize and find time for all things. And, yet here I am again. I have so much to talk about but have not had the time to put it down very well and I do hate to think of too many slap dash words thrown together.

I have pictures of my garden. Some recipes to share. Ideas and Ideals growing in my fevered brow and very desirous to share, but one does want to do the thing right. I am certainly to be busy tomorrow, Sunday, but must and will make time Sunday evening to set down and get my thoughts and ideas out to share with all of you.

To tide you over and because it is a great video, here is a video of the Ross sisters from the 1940s who were not only great singers but amazing contortionists/gymnasts. Watch the video to the end and be amazed!

Again, in the meantime, I want to say I am so sorry to see our dear friend PL leaving us. She will be greatly missed and perhaps she will be persuaded to return to us once she has settled into her new home and routine. Also, let’s keep up the discussions:

Do you think if the economy continues to go downward, we will, even those of us with no interest in vintage, find ourselves embracing the ‘old ways’ (canning, growing own food, keeping poultry, making own clothes, eating out and prepared foods less) and if so, if the economy, again, spikes and the world seems brighter and richer, will we chuck these things aside again? In other words, will we learn our lesson this time?

Also, if the economy continues to become bleak will entertainment show more escapists drama of wealthy people and fantasy, or more real hard lined representation of those ‘in trouble and need’? And, will it affect how we entertain ourselves or do you think paying for cable TV would be the last thing a family would do to save money?

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