Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Morning Walk

Autumn is kissing Summer's cheek goodbye. The cool morning is still filled with the fragrance of her, the lingering heady mix of warm air and flowers. Autumn is beginning to don her own scent: an earthy aroma.
My morning walk was six miles. The cooler air compels me onward. I am lucky in my morning jaunts as I see shore and tree lined glen. The rise and fall of the wood and the flat salted beauty of the beach. There is a scent of smoke and even the sea has taken on her Autumn flavor: A bit sharper and more fresh.
A fine crisp Day heralding what I hope shall be a lovely season before Old Man Winter arrives. He can be a pushy sort of guest who can oft times over stay his welcome. At least his departure always leaves the door open for Spring.
My Walk:
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