Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 January 1956/2010 “Busy Day”

woman at desk2 This has been me the past few days.

As we finally have a proper internet connection, I have spent my non-housework/cooking time on the computer writing and uploading content for the website.

I don’t want to make excuses, but I spent quite a lot of time answering an Advice question on Scheduling and I have that posted to the website.

I also did quite a bit on the FASHION page of the website as a pictorial guide for we Vintage Ladies to use as a reference to build our own wardrobes, or just for fun! So, check that out.

I have started a Books link/page as well, where we can suggest books on the home, cooking, fiction, etc.

I am going to be doing more on the Vintage Lifestyle Lessons this week as well as some fun content on What Grandmother Knew.

So, I don’t want my blog to be an only a ‘what’s happening on the website’, but I have spend SO much time on it today, that I felt just a quick referral to it would be alright.

I think my next blog post will be another practical/cooking post.

I hope all of you are fine and happy and keeping up our little Revolution.

Until tomorrow the, or unless I see you on the Forums if I get a chance later tonight.

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