Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 January 1956 “Website, it is BORN. Shall We Help it to Grow?”

Hello ladies, here I am stuck between 1956 and 2010 and frustrated that I have not as yet let you peek at my website. Having now the task of transporting myself back and forth from 1956 to the present shall be technology enough, non? But, I am determined that with the posting of this blog you shall have the link to OUR new site.

So, the site. You will first off notice that I have used a rather outdated form of layout that you may recognize from old sites. That is, I have made the Header or top of the site static. It does not move. To the left of the site are the links to all the pages. This, too, stays still while the various sections open in the center. I rather like this sort of layout, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a scroll bar on the links page. So, you must realize this until I get it fixed. When you look to the left of the page you will see the various links such as Home Blog etc, now in order to see all of the you must click in that area (your curser will not show up either) and then use your arrow buttons to navigate up and down. It is easy once you realize that is what you do. It shall be fixed or else I will replace it with the body of the site being one large page with the links that moves with the main scroll bar.

Now, the content is spotty at best. It takes a long time, I have found, to design, layout and then fill pages with content. Yet, in its very sad empty state at present I see it as a wonderful project this year for all of us. IT is the vessel waiting to be filled with all our knowledge and good intentions. We shall do it and there are a few ways for you to be a part of it.

First, I wanted a Forum link, but all the free Forums have endless adds and noises and I cannot abide it, so my solution was to make a new Blogger Blog page which we can treat as a forum as we can have any of you be able to access it at any time and post. You just email me your email address, I invite you and then we can, any of us, access this page at anytime and write in it. So someone may write a question or query and post it as a post and then we can all go in and comment, thus a forum of sorts. IN time, if you wish, we can get a traditional forum page, but it does cost me, so I may have to wait.

Next, I wanted a chat space. A coffee klatch if you will, so I found a free service that has no adds and was the least annoying of any I could find. I have the sound off, I believe, but hopefully it won’t return when you open it. Anyway, I hope it might be a fun place to just grab a cup of coffee and have a chat. I tried to shut off the ‘emoticons’ as I think we are all able to express ourselves without a series of colons and parenthesis or a bouncing smiling face, but you express yourself how you wish.

Now, for all the other links, they are in the process. I have made it so that you can email me as much as you like and I will try to add content from you when it is possible as I do want it to be OUR site.

So, now, back to work. I am determined to get it up for you today, so we can get some feedback and have a good ole time trying it out and giving opinions etc.

As to the 1956/2010 question, I am not sure. I think for the most part it will be 1956 for me but for the importance of the ‘cause’ I shall comment on any modern things that seem relevant to the Apron Revolution, does that not sound a good idea?

Now, meet me there today and let me know what you think and what we can add or take away etc. I hope it can become a mixture of a ladies (and gentlemen too of course) club, an old fashioned magazine that actually teaches, a place to visit, or dream or unwind and of course a place to rant, but with civility. Oh, I have also decided we should have a link with Gentleman who are sympathetic to our cause, my hubby being one of the first. He is rather a good writer, in my opinion, and I asked him if he would consider a sort of ‘companion blog’ this year. He has acquiesced. I am going to also ask our dear friend 50s man, if he would like to have a link there. I might make the link on the site be called the ‘Bowtie Revolution’ how do you like that?

ADDENDUM TO ABOVE: I had to leave the above information to show how I have been laboring over this site, but my hubby was smart and darling enough to change it so that the links page to the left now has ITS OWN SCROLL BAR. You don’t know how I have been worrying over this! So, now there is no worry, just scroll away! I will need to change some of the content on the homepage to reflect that as well, but gosh darn it I just want it up so we can change and alter it together.

So, enough said, go to the site, let me know what you think, keeping in mind it is just the skeleton of the site and will grow over time.

I also just wanted to say (you know me, why say in one word when you can speak an entire volume!) that I think today, here, that this is a perfect 1956/2010 moment. I have taken the technology of the day and used it to help me create a new world we can participate in that will allow us to relearn, celebrate and integrate the good of the past into our today. Really, a new day being made. What other time in history could we do such? I am glad that we can use it thus and make the technology work for us and we not be the slave to it. ENJOY!

I will be off and on the site today as I am trying to get more content together. I also need to upload the two drawings I have so far for one of my THREE yearly challenges on the CHALLENGES page.

OH, and it is listed on the new site, but don't forget to check out my hubby's new blog. I have asked him to do a companion blog with me this year. He can be found at

Well, if you are reading this, here we go to the website.

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