Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 February 1957 “Hernando’s Hideaway, Steam Heat, The Pajama Game: Movie for a Sunday Morning”

apri57fashion Today we find ourselves in 1957. We see what gay colors and styles we could be wearing as ladies or little girls this year from this 1957 Australian Home Journal cover. I adore the patchwork skirt, don’t you? And who wouldn’t adore a day on the ice in the little blue skirt and woolen jumper/sweater on the little girl?

Now, to brighten our Sunday morning we can sit back and enjoy the lovely Doris Day in the film “The Pajama Game”. This film was based on the Broadway musical and this film includes all the cast of the Broadway production with the exception of Doris Day. She replaced Janis Paige.

This film has some wonderful songs two of which I thought I would share before the film.

Hernando’s hideaway is a wonderful tune. I am letting you hear Ella Fitzgerald’s version here as you will hear the film version during the film.

Next we have “Steam heat” and while you can enjoy the Bob Fosse dance version in the film, here let’s enjoy the 1954 version of the song sung by Patti Page.


pajamagameposter Now, sit back and enjoy your movie. Next post I will talk about drippings and their storage and use. I could not find Pajama game in full on youtube, but if you follow THIS LINK HERE, You can enjoy it. Have a lovely day and as always, Happy Homemaking.

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