Monday, January 27, 2014

27 January “Some Wonderful 1930’s Commercials seen at the Picture Shows”

This is a wonderful compilation reel of commercials that would have been viewed at the pictures.There were no TV in the home here and  so these would have been filler at the picture show.

There are some surprises, such as Snap Crackle Pop prior to their 1950’s incarnation, Coffee at a price that is equal to $8 a pound today (which is about what we have to pay in my area if not more). A very dramatic advert for Eveready batteries.And two wonderful ads for Singer Sewing machines and centers where they teach you to sew! There are some wonderful glimpses inside 1930’s kitchens.


Next we have a funny rather long Hoover advert from 1940’s England. Its rather fun and a good look at the decor of the time as well.

Now, today we are having a reprieve from some rather extreme cold temps in my area. We often don’t have too harsh winters in my area, as we are surrounded by the sea so it tends to keep our snow at bay. When Boston gets inches we get a dusting and we always have 45 F days to punctuate the cold snaps. But these past two weeks have been a bear of cold below freezing weather and snow has even stuck around. Today, however, I went out and it was like Spring. It was over 50F the snow melting, birds singing and the Rhody’s leaves are unfurling in the warming sun. So, I am off for a walk into town to the library and to enjoy this weather while we have it.

I hope all have a lovely day.

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