Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 October 1956 “Contemplative”

sadwoman I am feeling rather blue today. Not sure why exactly. Usually, when I do, I rather throw myself into my work and soon enough I am full of pluck and vinegar. Today, however, no such luck.

Perhaps it is the contemplation of the end of a second year of the 1950’s. I am left wondering, should I return full time to modern life. And, then of course, not sure what that would entail. I don’t think I can change my style of dress, but with my site I have been thinking more about things such as Facebook and so on. Hardly something I am wonderfully thrilled about, but none the less, there it is.

I think, perhaps, I will simply sulk today and have a bit of  a good brood. Then, I have to make an apple pie as we are off to MIL for dinner and I am to bring a dessert. I have some lard in the freezer ‘firming up’. And hopefully my hands dirty and the feel of the cold marble followed by the warm smell of baking apples and warm cinnamon will have me right as rain in no time.

I do apologize for such a sad little post, but then again, one does feel sad sometimes.

Happy Homemaking.

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