Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 January 1956 “The Question of Normalcy, a Lady’s Jewel Box, and YOUR Style.”

coco The great Coco Chanel’s popular saying was look in the mirror before you go out and take something off.

For her time and social/economic class this held true (and might still hold true for for formal functions today) but for the masses, it should almost be the opposite. For we Apronites it should be: “Check in the mirror before you go out and put something on” that is a pin or scarf of hat or maybe, today, you try those gloves.

What is normal is relative.

old bathing costumes This was once considered risqué and then became normal beach attire. If we wore it today we would look odd, but only by the context of those around us. But, if we chose to wear it and were proud of it, would it cease to be silly or odd? I think yes. Because, if it did not then we would have to say to ourselves, right now, “What others think DOES matter”. And really that should be true in our forms of conversation and habits, but if we are not dressing to specifically ‘offend’ (which by the way IS a valid form of dress in the modern world especially with the younger set)than there can be  no harm in wearing vintage or wearing ‘more’ on a daily basis, as it becomes YOUR normal. Then those bareheaded ladies, gloveless in jeans or pajama bottoms become odd to you. So, who is right? Exactly, you both have the RIGHT to dress as you choose, thus it goes both ways.

We presently live in a world where this is normalhalloween girl for a 10 year old girl. Yes, this might be a Halloween costume, but is it normal for a 10 year old to wear that and those boots? Exactly.

woman with hat So, WEAR a full on vintage outfit and shun the stares as you smile in your own little world of YOUR NORMAL. Fill your jewel box with trinkets form the second hand store and then wear them. You will save them from the landfill and give yourself an entire world in which you CAN shop without feeling guilty. When one is living on a budget and can say, “I think I shall go out and get some jewels today” it feels as good as if they were rubies and diamonds. Those only have value because we, the human race, have assigned value to them. The same as gold or money. It is all a sham that we must all buy into, so therefore, it follows, we can make up our own rules in our own little worlds.

 woman at dressing table So, grab grannies old clip ons encrusted with faux pearls and jade and put them on, smile you are now stylish. Walk with pride and beam in your own happy NORMAL world where a lady wears pearls when she vacuums and has a lovely bit of sparkle she can wear every day!

We can make our own rules and world. Don’t let others dictate style, fashion or the way to think or buy. It is your life and your ‘normal’. It is this very thought that  makes me okay living in the modern world. I have learned that we do not have to just “Yearn” for the ‘good ole days’ we can simply bring them back to our own realities. We don’t have to wear what is out there now, or watch what is on TV or think what they tell us. We have the power to make, choose, decide and create our own little worlds. So, we should do so and I say let’s do it in style.

I think those with children should almost feel even more obligation to this way of thinking, for to teach your child the power and confidence to live their life to the beat of their own drum and to care about others feelings and situation in life, but not care for the opinions or stares of the world at large, is very important.

Thoreau said, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”

Coco Chanel ALSO said, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” and she also said,

“Fashion fades, only Style remains the same”.

So, you choose your normal; your STYLE and as long as you are confident, kind, and considerate you might be surprised who shows up at your house the next time following ‘YOUR STYLE”.

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