Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 September 1957 “Healthy Meals from the 1950’s”

Healthy eating and 1950’s menus often don’t get recognized as going hand in hand. We are conditioned to think that everything from the 1950’s was simply smeared with butter and lard (Actually not bad for you in moderation and better than processed oils) when actually portion control and raw vegetables were a normal part of 1950’s diets.

I thought today I would share this fun little meal plan including fish to see how healthy this actually can be.fishdinner What a lovely spread and rather quite easy to make. Even the breaded fillets are not over fried and one could always bake them with some onions and garlic. Here are the recipes:fishdinner2

I also appreciate this approach to entertaining children at the table. Of course, before 1950’s the idea of ‘entertaining the child to eat’ was all but unheard of. You were given food, told to eat it and you had better do so or starve. Nutrition wasn’t a choice but a lesson much like don’t touch the hot stove and look both ways. Today, I often hear, “Oh, Sally only likes fish sticks” or “Oh, he won’t eat vegetables”.

In this instance, rather than bright packaging of some current popular video game or cartoon character to entice the child to sugary breakfast treats, we see wholesome oatmeal made ‘tempting’ with very good fruits such as prunes (full of fiber) and apples and the like. I think this a darling set up and possibly even a busy mother could make up such a thing quickly, I don’t know. I know there are probably many kids and parents today who have never even eat a prune. They are delicious.


This week’s Vintage Weekly News also deals with 1950’s food and nutrition. It can be accessed HERE or simply click the link on the upper right. I am still, yes STILL, dealing with my rental property and therefore have not has as much time as usual for my posts. I hope you will accept my apology on that one and have a lovely day. And, of course, Happy Homemaking.

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