Friday, April 20, 2012

20 April 1942 “Victory Garden & Finger Pain”

40svictorygarden By 1942 the USA was officially in the war. usvicgardenposter Victory Gardening was becoming important here as it had been since 39 for UK.ukvicposter

Someone mentioned doing a 1940’s post and I think I will start researching to do a few.  However, today and the next few days, I will be absent again, as I have hurt my finger on my right hand. It is very hard to type and really do much. It is funny how a little thing becomes so large. My right hand is a very important part of my day, so now I have to really take my time to get things done.

However, it would be a good talking point for all of us: Victory Gardens, cooking with less and homemaking while also having a job (as many rosy the riveters had to do).

Happy Homemaking.

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