Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 January 1955 "Day of rest?"

Some days I feel like these ladies. This is from a January cover 1955.

Today was suppose to be a sort of 'free day' for me to catch up with the week. I wanted to spend the day sewing, but once I had cleaned the kitchen and got breakfast on (pancakes, bacon, eggs, oj, coffee, tea) then cleaned up and the kitchen swept, it was noon!

My attempts today with my first dress was not very good and resulted in my sewing the skirt to the bodice inside out. I have people coming over soon for another impromptu 50's night and need to go set my hair and get ready.

Today's blog is short and sweet, while my day was long and busy.

I will try to get pics tonight of our gang to post. And maybe a shot of the breakfast table.

I hope everyone had a good sunday, where does the time go. It's funny how I seem to be doing more than I used to, but the day goes by so quickly that I am often left at the end of it wondering how it is 8:00 and I am still waiting to sit down and take a break. I can't imagine if I threw a kid into the mix. I would probably just work twice as hard, I suppose.

Until tomorrow...
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