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23 March 1957 “Guest Blog Sanne: Wardrobe & Closet Organizing”

I love having guest blogs. Sanne, our fellow Apronite and  past Apronite of the Month, has a wonderful post today about organizing one's wardrobe/closet. Great advice and wonderful organization.

Any others wishing to write a guest blog simply contact me by hitting the contact button the right and email me your idea or completed post. I know others have done so in the past and I have not got back, but I sometimes get quite a few emails, so if you have done so already and I haven't posted it or responded, please send it again. I do like to grow and share our community.

Now, grab that cuppa and sit back and enjoy, take it away Sanne:

Wardrobe Tips

Inspired by a comment to Donna (23 February) I thought I could write some tips about clothes and wardrobes.You will never hear me say that I have nothing to wear. I have tons to wear! My biggest problem is to choose. I admit it – I have lots of clothes, but it is not cheap made clothes, or lots of mistakes, or that I cannot sort out. I have a style – fifties – and I stick to it. When you have a style, you’ll love your clothes forever. I love all my clothes and I use all of it.

Another good thing is to stick to a colour scheme. Most people have a favourite colour or two, if these colours become you, stick to them. I love red and pink, but have a few things in green and purple. Add some basic colours, like black, grey, beige, and white. This way you can match everything, and feel your wardrobe is much bigger than it is. Everybody at my job thinks my wardrobe is the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s HUGE walk-in-closet, but it’s not. It’s a humble normal closet I share with both DH and son.


And yes, I really want to get rid of all the mirror fronts! DH has promised to make me new white doors when renovating the office.

A golden rule is that you should have more tops than skirts. The “Three Black Skirts are All You Need” is not a joke. You can do well with a few different classic skirts in a great basic colour (like black, but grey is also good) and a lot of different blouses … or cardigans, my absolute favorite. I have cardigans in ALL colours. Truly. I love them. They are SO versatile. During Winter I use them as blouses buttoned up, as twinsets with a matching top, or just over another blouse to keep warm. During Summer I use them instead of a Summer jacket. And they always look nice over a dress.

Building a wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive. I love visiting charity shops, you often have to go through a lot of bad things, but then you’ll sometimes find a treasure for almost nothing. Do also visit flea markets and street sales. Remember when thrifting that e.g. changing the buttons on a blouse of shortening a skirt can make a huge different. When I see a rack of discounted clothes, I always go through it. Often a goodie is hidden among the other unusable stuff. H&M (in Denmark at least) is good for basic things, and I think their quality is pretty good. I have VERY old things in my wardrobe, but I still get compliments when wearing it. Changing-clothes-parties are also a good and fun idea.

Order is always a good thing – also in your closet. I sort everything in colours, then I sort e.g. blouses in stacks with short sleeves and long sleeves. If I decide on a skirt then it takes me seconds to find a matching blouse. I also sort my clothes in seasons - during Summer the Winter stacks are behind the Summer stacks and reverse. This way I don’t have to go through e.g. Winter blouses during Summer, the clothes I have to choose from are the right season.

wardrobe2 wardrobe3

Here you see stacks of white, red, purple/plum, and rose/pink and in the second photo there are green, black/ grey and at the button there are training shirts and jeans and a few very warm jackets and my only two pairs of jeans (at the bottom, since they are never used, ha).

I season swap at the beginning of a season, and when I swap my clothes I also think of what I have been wearing and what I have not been wearing. A tip is to stand in front of your closet wearing only underwear, so if you think “Why haven’t I been wearing this skirt?” – try it on and look in the mirror. Often you’ll find out why you haven’t been wearing it – it doesn’t feel right, or it doesn’t become your figure. Give it to charity. If you have e.g. a skirt with absolutely no matching tops, you could either give it to charity or go hunt for matching tops. But first ask yourself if you truly love the skirt in question.

Your closet should only contain clean clothes! No exceptions! If you have worn a blouse and there is just a hint of sweat or perfume - don’t put it back into the closet. All your clothes will soon start to smell. But you don’t have to wash everything every day - air it outside on a hanger. Or hang clothes you can use again behind a door. Your closet should also only contain wearable clothes, if it doesn’t fit you, give it to charity or hang it in another closet (or bags) in e.g. the basement, don’t mix it with your wearable clothes. Wearable also means ironed and repaired. Being tired and busy in the morning, you don’t want to iron or sew in buttons or repair seams. You could also decide what to wear in the evenings. I do this, because I’m not a morning person. This way there is no more morning panic.


This is all my hanging clothes (sons shirts and ties at the left), and it is both Summer and Winter clothes. My shoes at the bottom stand on a rack, on the floor and a few in boxes at the right. These are my daily shoes, season and party shoes are in a closet in the basement.

Shoes! I LOVE them, and I have LOTS of shoes! Also many vintage (LINK: Shoes are a question of temper, you can have many matching every colour shade in your wardrobe, or you can have a few in good basic colours. Your choice. If you only have a few, do buy good quality. Your feet and your economy will love you for it.

Jewellery and accessories. I’ve written about jewellery before (LINK: And please don’t say “What has this to do with my wardrobe?”.

It has a lot to do with your wardrobe. You can have few classic items in your wardrobe and spice them up or down with jewelry and accessories. A few matching clip earrings, bracelets, pins and necklaces will make a HUGE different on your appearance. Purses/bags – do keep them seasonal, at least. One for Summer and one for Winter use. And do also have a few lovely purses or clutches for formal wear. You will look much more elegant.

If you have other wardrobe tips, please do share them! :)



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