Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 January 1956 “Sad”

I received a comment on one of my blogs (the post from 18 January 1956) that has really saddened me. I was not quite able to make out what it is they thought I meant (you can read the comments at the end of that post if you wish)but, it has made me feel rather sad. As if I had written to specifically offend someone. However, that was never my intent. I simply have had, with my project, my eyes opened to the way the world is at present, because when I compare it with 60 years ago it is amazing to me. Even those today who say, “Oh, it was like this back then”I am finding that what they say is not always the whole story. I merely want to find out and put forth the facts that I discover.

I have NEVER chose to put the option on this blog that allows me to ‘approve’ a comment. I feel, we are civilized ladies and gentleman and we all deserve to be heard, rather or not I might agree. I think to ‘choose’ what I want you to see as comments would be wrong (for me and this blog, if you have that option do not think I am calling you wrong, see how sensitive this has made me!)Yet, for the very reason I dislike the ‘cable news channels’ who exist to have and put forward their opinion OVER fact and actual news and need to ‘invent’ news in order to fill hour after hour of broadcasting, I do want you to have and view each others opinions on what I say. They CHOOSE what they want to show you.

Certainly, I choose what I like to put into my post, but I do not censor what you can respond to it. And we have not always agreed and I would not want that. I am open to being changed of an opinion when one wants to present me with facts to the contrary. Yet, at the bottom of it all, we are all human beings and I think we should always consider each other on that level first. As it is said, “hate the sin NOT the sinner” and as we all have different ideas of sin, then we can at least see one another as friends.

I was going to do a post today about practical things, in answer to a question I received from a follower, but I might leave that until tomorrow. I am surprised how I really feel saddened by the comment. I should not be so sensitive and I usually try not to, but I hate to think that I have said something to hurt someone. So, today, I shall focus on the website and of course my usual day of chores. Tomorrow, I will make a post of practical points on scheduling, cooking, and sewing.

Until then, ladies and gentleman, have a fine day. And let us remember, we are friends first. Perhaps I have been rude in bringing in politics, but I really wanted this blog to encompass all that was going on in the world then and not just clothes and food. I think they are all a part of the whole picture and I think the modern version of the 1950s homemaker can and should be as informed in all things as possible. To make the right choices for self, home, children, and country.

I hope first and foremost to be your friend and not to offend.

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