Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 October 2012 “A Quiet Return and Thinking of You”

thinkingofyou I have been unplugged and absent for two months. The rest was needed for many reasons but I am finding my way back. I hope some of you have remained and are looking forward to my tentative return.

I have photos of my garden over the past few months as well as my growing chicken yard. My life has changed to the modern world but with a strong hold in the past. I am now working outside of the home 2-3 days a week at a cafe. I am taking an art class this semester and considering more schooling in my future. I find myself dressing more modern. Yet, with all these changes, the skills of the past and the general outlook on life as frugal and well planned could not serve me better than in the present.

I find that I miss this portion of my project; the writing and hearing from all of you. My life is moving more towards the arts and with the skills of the home and the immense study of the past, it cannot but help color my art. I want the site to move in that direction but to also maintain the importance of history. And I would like to begin sharing my life, my projects, and what I learn and garner from all of that with all of you.

I hope all are well and I look forward to hearing from you. My hubby and I find that the past will never leave us completely. We both are history lovers at heart and our home is still TV free. He enjoys his typewriters and I my antique appliances. In many ways we consider more ways to bring the past into our daily lives and to better arrange our futures.

I hope you will enjoy the changes that I will be sharing in the months ahead and look with excitement at the coming new year. I’d like to work towards our making a meeting place of creativity and old skills to better our lives. To share one another’s stories, answer questions about how to use the past to better the present and a great place to document the adventures of my odd little life.

I also plan on making a set writing schedule for the blog and to try and update and bring in more interactive aspects. I am currently fighting a cold (a consequence of working outside of the home I fear) and plan on next week beginning to write every Tuesday and Thursday. I also plan a way to have an easy but fun way to share daily. I have let the last forum subside due to the problem (as we had with our original old forum back in 1956) of spam. A move to Wordpress may be in the future as well, as it might better allow apps and add-ons to improve our enjoyment of our online history loving community.

So, to all of you out there, you have all been in my thoughts and I hope you will continue to be in my on-line life. Until I write again, remember to learn from the past to enjoy the present and improve the future.

50s gal

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