Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ria's Birthday Dinner.

Yesterday, 26 September, was my Sister in law's birthday. She stays at Toad Hall in the Boat House apartment in the Summer and comes down some weekends. She had her birthday weekend off and arrived happily with her kayak and ready for a birthday weekend.

We were lucky that her birthday coincided with a full moon tide as then we get the flats out front so we had a day walking about where we usually swim and enjoying the sea life exposed.

I made a simple Birthday luncheon of freshly gathered mussels from our own little beds, and things from my garden as well as our local Farm stand. I dug some of my potatoes and roasted those with French Breakfast radish and squash (with edible skin) from our local farm. I added olive oil and cut rosemary and dill from our garden.

I made simple pasta and then in a pan with olive oil roasted fresh picked basil, parsley, and tomatoes. Cooked it down just a bit. When the pasta was done I put it in the pan with the cooking basil and toms and mixed it all together. The mussels I steamed with lemon grass from the garden and those when on top of the pasta.

There was also a fresh salad with garden greens and nasturtiums. Hubby and Ria returned from a long walk to the harbour on the flats to the meal and we sat down and eat to our fill. It was a lovely day and the weather was so warm and bright.  A lovely start to Autumn.

Ria"s birthday luncheon was quite good.

A quiet morning

The quiet and calm of the morning is punctuated with the loon's cry. A blue heron takes its place on its rock. Puss and the sea our my only companions this morning. Heaven.
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