Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July “Busy and Apologetic”

I promised myself to at least post a small blog every day, but when I sit down to do so I began writing and expounding on things and then find myself with little time to make it cohesive, so then it goes un-posted.

I am still working on my post about home buying then and now. My research into FDR Depression era New Deal legislation is so fascinating and really needs to be addressed to get to where we were with home buying in 1955. The Depression Era is becoming rather interesting. What FDR faced when he came to the white house seems to make what our current president’s problems small in comparison and makes our current economic crunch seem less frightening. 

1935 woman porch The more I look into it the more I begin to think of my own 1955 self and her life during that time. I would have been old enough to have recalled the Depression. I wonder, being a teen at the time, would it have seemed different to me, as WWII was often recalled fondly by very young children in London who got free reign and had an entire city as a playground and no parental supervision? Certainly, if we were effected economically, which I don’t know how you could not be, would I have worked? Would a young daughter of a middle class family be sent out to earn, or would I have needed to ‘keep up appearances’ maybe taking over more housework to cover the fact that the family maid had to be let go? It is all very interesting.

I have done some research and magazine and book reading of the 1940s for this project, as I would have been a young wife then. But, to really begin to think of my formative years, looking at the 1930s is almost imperative. But, I digress.

1935 treens Perhaps it is just the hairstyles, but these 1935 seniors at a High School some how look older or more mature than their 1955 senior counterparts.1955 seniors Maybe it’s just me. Yet these seniors, from 55, had the fear of the A-bomb, but they were at the tail end of the horror that had been. The 1935 seniors had to live in the sad Depression and then to fell the fear of war in the air. I wonder what it felt like in 39 and the early war years before our country got involved in the war?

I have been very busy, as we always seem to find ourselves in summer, and am apologetic for not having posted more. I am also sorry for this meager post, but wish to ‘stay in’ my community and not feel I am letting anyone down.

Maybe until I get up another post, we should discuss what we think the 1930’s would have been for our ‘counterparts’. If you were the age you are now in 1955 count back and see what your age would be in 1935 and then wonder how it would affect you. I think it could make for a lively discussion.

I will be checking in, so if you have not all forgot about me in my lax ways, then we can have a good ‘comment discussion’. So, again, excuse my lax behavior I will try to rectify it.

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