Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July 1957 “ A Story For A Sunday Afternoon: ‘Patter of Little Feet’”

patterlittlefeet1 I thought today, being a lovely Summer Sunday, you might enjoy a good read. A kick back and relax with a cuppa sort of afternoon.

My vintage magazines are full of fiction. They often are light-shedding onto the thoughts, goals, and general thought of people of the time. This little story, here in its entirety, deals with a baby photographer, his gal and babies. Can it all work out? Read and find out.

There is no Vintage Daily News today, so have a lovely day and as always, Happy Homemaking.

patterlittlefeet2 patterlittlefeet3

patterlittlefeet4 patterlittlefeet5 patterlittlefeet7 patterlittlefeet6

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