Monday, July 26, 2010

26 July 1956 “A Look Back at Youth Worship”

Back in 27 January 1955 my post for that day included an article from one of my vintage magazines. It was discussing the new trend towards Youth Worship. I felt, today, might be fun to revisit that article and see how we feel about it today.
Do we see that this trend has definitely come to fruition? It seems so to me. Many would see the woman on the left and think, “Wow, she looks great, so young”  Our first impulse is to associate youth with beauty. Yet, to me now, as she looks on the left, in her ‘mature clothes’ she seems more confident and someone to look up to. Perhaps our youth today are so lost and always turning to the fantasy of the internet and text because where are all the examples of showing how wonderful it is to be grown up and mature? What does being an adult even mean today?
So, here is the article. Simply click on the images and they will enlarge. Enjoy and discuss.
youtharticle 1 youtharticle 2
Here is the rest of the article with the ads on the page as well.
youtharticle 3youtharticle 4
If you would like to read my original post that contained this article it is HERE.
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