Friday, September 30, 2011

30 September 1957 “Ultra Vintage with Potted and Pressed Beef”

To me, Vintage isn’t always red lipstick and girdles. Though I obviously have an affinity for the middle of the last century, I have always loved earlier times as well. The other day, when I was feeling a bit peevish, I found myself day dreaming over my 1908 homemaker’s manual and old pre WWI Country Life magazines.

I have often found solace in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. I am not sure why, perhaps it is simply my ability to romanticize which leaves such a time ripe with possibilities. I also, from an historical standpoint, find it fascinating that prior to Industrialization, the civilized world changed very little. Grandparents and grandchildren knew horse and foot travel, lights of candles and clothes sewn only by hand. Then after the Railroads and Industry spread, the Victorians were the first real ‘modern’ people. Traveling with times tables on trains. Motor cars were arriving and more roadways. True, by today’s standards they are antique, but in many ways they would have seemed as modern and alien to those in the 17th century as are we. But, I digress.

pottedbeef  pressedbeef I found some interesting preservation techniques for potted meat that I think I shall actually try. I will share with you the results. It will give it about a month after I have prepared it, however, to see how it is holding up. Checking for mold and the like, because any way we could  make our own preserved food to use later, it is cheaper and better quality than canned foods and we know what goes into it.

19111911eveninggown 1911, pre World Wars and even Pre Titanic, is beginning to see fashion really take a turn. The lady of fashion has greatly changed her overall sillohuete from just five years previous.1907b The line is becoming smoother. The waist is being raised, much like the Regency period, and hats are beginning to shrink a bit. This smoother line and raised hemline will culminate in the dreaded ‘hobble skirt’ which literally restricted walking. Interesting to note, however, is in this postcard depicting the current fad, doesn’t the young lady actually have the beginnings of the sexy hourglass shape of the later 1950’s early 60’s associated with Marilyn an such?hobbleskirt

Of course the average middle class woman is going to look more cohesive to her 5 year predecessor with the standard waist and fuller skirt and blowsier top, not unlike Queen Mary and her ladies here in 1911.1911queenmary The royals often taking a more sensible approach and of course much copied by the middle class. While the du monde were the ladies of the upper classes.

I will show images of my pressed and potted beef when I prepare it. Do any of you think you would ever try such an endeavor? Would you be more like to do so if the attempt is a success with me? I just love finding new ways to make and keep things handy that are more natural and less chemical. I also feel a bit more empowered when I garner a skill lost.

Happy Homemaking.

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