Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 December 1956 “Castro in Cuba and More Homemade Gift Ideas”

castro Fidel Castro and 82 of his men (including Che Guevara, Raúl Castro) land in Cuba. Most were killed and around 28 were able to escape to the country side and were hidden and aided by the country people. In the coming year he and his followers will begin to wage their war against Batista and American control in Cuba. It is the end of Cuba as an American destination of fun and frivolity.
Many here in the 1950’s know Cuba as a fun vibrant place much like the current popular actor and husband to Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz.
Continuing with our month long theme of Home-Made Christmas, I thought I would share more fun ideas from my vintage magazines.
I think this a darling idea and even the most basic sewing would result in a darling set. If you can sew a straight ling on a machine you can do this. This is also greatly aided by the design of the fabric you used. As you can see here, this wonderful fruit fabric with printed squares works wonderfully.napkintableclothpattern To go along with that is the little idea of an apron. I suppose one could even buy a plain apron and the fabric, sew up the cloth and napkins and use the scrap to make the matching apron. I think most homemakers would be happy with this gift.apronpattern   And let us not forget that men also need aprons. Here is a great one for the Barbeque fanatic.mansapronLook how cleverly they have cut it from the piece of fabric, waste not want not. This would also make the trip to the fabric store or digging through your own fabric surplus a dream, needing this one piece of fabric.
And for the crafty builder with little ones, why not make this adorable bunk bed?dollbedpatternI believe we even have some ladies who collect dolls who would love to see this under their tree. The best part would be to find some vintage 1950’s crib decals and adorn it with those, making it new and home-made but with a vintage twist.
Happy Homemaking.
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