Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 September 1956 “September’s Challenge Dress and a Day Out With a Friend”

I do apologize for this late posting. A friend and I had planned today to vintage shop and lunch. I wanted to finish my latest dress, which is a lovely sheath dress from this patternButterick6582 I know this vintage pattern is from 1960, but the style is still very 56, only shorter. I made the skirt longer, over the knee, but still shorter than I would have in 55. I am the type who would read Vogue and as I am making my own clothes, let my hemlines follow some of the newer shorter versions of the ever popular sheath dress.
newdresssheathHere it is with my cardigan and matching vintage pocketbook. I did not wear a hat today, as I wore my hair in a french twist and had a fabric brown flower pinned in to go with the flowers of the dress.  newdresssheath2 blueflowerfabric This is a close up of the fabric. I really love it and it is very vintage, though it is actually a new cotton/linen. It is a bit summery, but with the brown I felt it could wear into Autumn. And I wore it with brown shoes (my white shoes are away until next Memorial Day).
I really liked this pattern and am going to make the full skirted version next. What I did, and I will show more up close photos later, was cut out the four pieces of the dress (the front is one piece the little side front strap is another and two back pieces) in both this fabric and a nice white muslin. I cut the dress one size bigger than my own. Then I stitched the muslin and fabric together and flipped it out, ironing it flat. So now I had finished edges on the neckline, armholes, and hem. Then put the darts in (which went in lovely through the two layers of fabric) and put them together. I installed the zipper into the back two pieces BEFORE I sewed it to the front and this made an easier time of it as well. The whole thing went together rather quickly and easily this way and really gives a nice finished look. My friend gave me the nicest compliment in saying that it looked ‘store bought’.
We went to our local high end thrift store, Plush and Plunder, on Main street in Hyannis and my friend found a wonderful 1960 sheath dress in vintage sequins with the original metal zipper! I was envious of it, but she and her hubby of 10 years are going to be renewing their wedding vows in Las Vegas this fall and she wanted something “Rat Pack” and this was it. The bottom half is ice blue and meets the top cream in a very geometric triangular shape, much like the older signs in Vegas. I even helped her talk the ladies down from the original price. It is a very classic piece she can have in her wardrobe for ever.
We also hit Good Will where I found four lovely cardigans, all vintage, for only a few dollars each. conniefrancisalbumWhen my friend said, “Hey, do you need a Connie Francis album?” half jokingly, I said, “Yes, I hope Stupid Cupid is on this one” and it was! So, I bought this album for 99 cents mostly for stupid cupid, but it has other good songs as well and I am listening to in on my old record player as I write this.
Here is a snippet of the song sung by Connie live. ( I know it doesn’t come out until 1959, but I really love the song. And don’t you love her dress!)
Here is the song in its entirety.
This song is also on the album:
I also purchaed a lovely Julie Andrews Christmas album (never too soon to think of Christmas, is it?)
Well, I have had a rather busy day and need to unwind now with hubby. I hope all had a find day and I will see you tomorrow.
Happy Homemaking.
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