Monday, November 30, 2009

30 November 1955 “Party Prep and a ‘How do you Do’”

christmas ad 2 Okay, gals, just a quick one today!

I am still busy post Thanksgiving, as I am hosting a Christmas Tea for the ladies tomorrow afternoon followed by a Tree Trimming Party. It will not be a big affair, but I am busy none the less.

I promise a nice big post with photos and recipes from Thanksgiving and also this party. I am making chocolate gingerbread (no chilling in the ice box) and peppermint meringues that I will dip in chocolate. coffee adI will also be preparing some peppermint marshmallows for tomorrow to have with our hot chocolate while we trim the tree.

woman with christmas tree1We are getting our tree tonight and almost every old photo I see of Christmas trees show that they were rather bare by today’s standards. I rather like it! I am not sure if I can find such a tree, but perhaps I can ‘barter’ my way to a lower price, “Why look at that tree”, I might say, “Bare as a newborn babe, I couldn’t possibly pay full price!” or something along those lines.

I am not sure if they merely used different strain of pine in the old days, but honestly most of the trees I see even in Home and Garden and High end magazines of the time show them rather thin and branchy! Are any of you old enough to recall of your trees were ‘scrawny’ by today’s standards?

Well, back to work. If I can complete my new dress, I shall show that too as well as share the idea I have for it if it works.

Until later, then, Happy Homemaking!

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