Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 January 1956 “Darling, the Baby is Crying”

woman with a baby These past few weeks have made me realize more and more how this new website is becoming more like a new baby. Now, I know there are plenty of mothers out there that would like to slap me across the face with a 2 a.m. feeding for making such a comparison, but it feels like it to me. To me, that is, as one who has never had to get up for a 2 a.m. feeding. But, I hope in this instance, you will allow me the comparison without too much fist waving.

I find I think about the thing all the time. When I wake up, it is, “Oh, my I have to try to get this content in. Oh, this would be good.” Or mostly, “Drat, how on earth will I get THAT to work”. But, up all hours thinking of it, working and soothing it, trying to calm it down when it goes haywire. Then, when you think you have just got it put down and relaxed you look down the road and realize how much MORE there is to do to get the darn thing to continue to grow.

I know I haven’t got to diaper it, nor pay for it’s college (though I might have to pay for its bandwidth in time). It is, to me: the childless time traveler whose head is always swimming with new recipes to try, cleaning products to make, dress designs to try and manage, that this extra element; this monster of a project has just sort of dropped itself heavy in my lap.

It probably started much like a baby with such silly sayings as, “Oh, darling, wouldn’t it just be cute if we had a widdle webbie site? I’t be so cooot and cwuddly.” and then BAM, there it is in all its unexpected need and my inability to understand half of what it wants from me.

But, much like a child, I am fond of it. I like to sneak downstairs when it is sleeping and peek at it and see if anyone has tried the chat window, or maybe some have signed into our group blog/forum. So, yes, like a child, in spite of itself, I love it. Now, I only hope, I can do justice to the things and teach it all it needs to know. There are so many elements I want to give it. A comprehensive understanding of art from before the war into the early 60’s. A complete outline of fashion with a nod to the ‘everyday woman’. Etiquette and when to dunk a doughnut or not! So much and I want it to behave for company of course. I don’t want its colors to stick its tongue out in blaring brashness, nor its words to be ill spoken or misused. Really, I want it to grow up and be a fine upstanding website I can be pride of that others are happy to have in their home. Certainly, a good goal for any young mother, right?

So, if you have indulged my metaphor this long, thank you. I do really get Goosebumps one moment thinking about the possibilities of the site and then complete terror in the fear of not knowing what I am doing. But, that is probably a normal feeling for a real mother as well. I do know like a child, it is helped in its growth by the community and I know this website/child shall be as well.

Already, on a quick chat, I came to the conclusion that it would be fun to do a book club on our site where we could all meet on EST. However, if that could not prove doable, since I will have an actual forum, we could discuss it on there.

And then there really is so much content that I need to just keep plugging away at and putting in. And ANY OF YOU who know or would like to share pertinent information, just email me and tell me and I shall put the info in on the appropriate page.

I also had a request from someone wishing to do my ‘Challenges’ along with me and I say, let’s do it! Any of you who would like to try my challenges or perhaps pose your own challenge for the year and would like the comradery 0f all of us to watch and share, email me and send jpegs of what you have done and it shall all go up on the challenges page and we can be awed and encourage one another for our jobs well done and our list’s being checked off. This is the month to make those yearly challenges ladies and then we shall all hold one another accountable and encourage us to ‘get to work’!

So, back to work for me. I think I am rather excited to indeed pile more on ‘my plate’ as it were. I have found 1955 taught me to challenge myself, reach the goal then rather sit back and bask in my accomplishments, get back up and do MORE. It does make for a fine and fulfilling life. And, if you have many things you are doing and trying, if you fail at some of them along the way, you haven’t time for a ‘pity party’ as you have far too many other things going to lose focus!

So, again, here is the link to the new website:

I am going to be up loading the three drawings I have done so far for that challenge today.

I am also going to (with hubby’s help) try and figure out this forum business.

And, we also want to make time for a trip to our favorite used bookstore. I once posted about it. Which reminds me, I need a search bar on my blog. Oh, I’d better get that to-do list back out again. See you on the website sometime ladies (and gentleman)

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