Sunday, April 7, 2013

7 April 1950 “Movie for a Sunday with Mickey Rooney: “He’s a Cockeyed Wonder”

hesacockeyewonderposter Today’s Movie for a Sunday is a small often forgot comedy starring MIckey Rooney and Terry Moore, “He’s a Cockeye Wonder”

“Freddie Frisby is informed by Bob Sears that he can't marry Bob's daughter, Judy, as he is only a fumbling failure as an orange picker, and Judy can do better. Freddie's prospects brighten up when he learns his uncle has left him his entire estate, but he learns that the estate consists entirely of a magician's paraphernalia. He decides to become a magician with Judy as his assistant, but while they are rehearsing, they are kidnapped by a band of payroll robbers.”

I hope you enjoy a good comic romp on this Sunday afternoon. I am a little late in posting only because I was out Thrifting and Antiquing with a friend today. I will share my finds on my next post.

Enjoy your Sunday and as always, Happy Homemaking.

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