Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 June 1955 “Talking Point Tuesday”

time-machine So, today's ‘Talking Point’ is three fold. First, if you had a time machine would you go back to the 1950s or another time? timemachineWould you go back if you could not return to your own time. And the final part of the question, using the time machine of studying history and research, what things (clothes, attitudes, etc) could we revive realistically to make a new ‘modern vintage’ lifestyle today?

Also, just so there is no misunderstanding of yesterdays post, I am still continuing my project. My ‘rant’ was my own realization that I can remake my present and be very much in the world and still have my 1955 lifestyle. That was meant for my future. I am still determined to finish out this year best I can 1955 style.

Now, for those of you who want to play, lets hear from you for today's ‘talking point’.

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