Monday, October 24, 2011

24 October 1957 “12 Personal Diets for Better Health from 1954”

I thought today I would share with you these interesting diet plans from one of my vintage magazines. This outlines the proper amount of calories and what type of food for those calories as well as sex and age in considering the diets provided.

Here are the four crucial things this article claims will result from these diet outlines.

  1. They lower the total number of calories that should be consumed by healthy normally active Americans.
  2. They give physicians a new basis for regulating your food intake.
  3. If you are overweight they will shed your excess poundage surely and sagely.
  4. If you are underweight, they will help you gain the missing pounds you need.

“Once you have made up your  mind that good nutrition is worth while, there is only one dieting secret to learn: Food is the fuel your body burns. If you take in more fuel than your body needs, you will store it it the form of fat. If you take in less,  you burn stored-up fat.”

I love that last paragraph. So simple and straightforward. None of this modern ‘Diet Secrets” and “Hollywood Secret Diet Plans”. Simply stated, eating more than you burn results in fat storage. Burning excess comes from exercise and eating less than you need drops the pounds. Though, even with this knowledge, it can be hard. I still struggle with my weight and would love to shed some pounds.

Here are the plans which are outlined by Sex and age. To add, the substitutions to this are the following.

  1. small serving meat is 2-3 ounces
  2. Medium serving meat is  4 ounces
  3. Large serving Meat is 6 ounces
  4. Fish, fowl, cheese or eggs may be substituted  for meat.
  5. Spaghetti, grist, potato, rice, starchy beans (Lima, Kidney and Navy beans), Noodles and Macaroni may be substituted for Bread and Are interchangeable with one another.

12diet1 12diet3

12diet2 12diet4

Enjoy these and let me know what you think of them. Obviously never start a diet plan without consulting a doctor, but such guides as these are really a boon to the Homemaker, as they help in planning meals and shopping for the ingredients and list making.

Happy Homemaking.

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