Sunday, December 18, 2011

18 December 1957 “On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: 4 and More Birds in My Kitchen. On the Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: 5 Secret Decoder Rings and Homemade Silver Jewelry?”

 birdkitchen Well, if you look closely you can see more than four birds in this kitchen, but it was adorable and made me smile. I like the bird theme and what a fun way to simply cut out with your skill saw some fun birds and ‘redo’ the kitchen. I think this could also be really fun in a powder room, where one is more apt to try something over the top as it is a smaller space. How many ways could four birds brighten your Christmas?


Though technically this is commercial is not for a ring, but a badge, and certainly not five nor golden, I just had to share this video. It makes me think of the much loved, though modern, Christmas Film: A Christmas Story, when Ralphie rushes to the bathroom to decode his secret ‘message’ from the Little Orphan Annie Program. It, of course for those who know the movie, turns out to be an ad for, you guessed it, Ovaltine.

More Ovaltine’s Sweet Rich Chocolaty Flavor:

Now on the subject of Jewelry I thought I would share my latest adventure. Having, as you know, wanting to supplement my own pin money, I have toyed with various ideas. I have of late begun to think it would be nice to make jewelry. I like silver and the price has been steadily rising over the past years, so it is a good way to keep some quality precious metals in your life. I have begun making silver jewelry. I shall be making copper and other metals as well and also some fun costume jewelry.

Of course, I can’t help but be inspired by the past and will share a few pieces I have tried. The first is a pair of earrings I made by first making a cast of a vintage cameo pin I have. It is older and have always thought they would make lovely earrings.

Here is how bright and shiny they are when freshly made.cameoearringsbeforeThe details can really be brought out and the contrast of low and high areas by using liver of Sulpher. A wretched smelling rock that smells, you guessed it, of sulpher or rotten eggs. But it does wonders to silver and depending upon how long you keep it in the bath of sulpher you get various stages of color. The longer the more black or tarnished it becomes. I did that we these earrings and then polished up the high points of the face with my metal brush and soapy water. I rather like the results, don't you? And they are small and delicate and quite pretty.cameoearringsafter

I have quite a collection of vintage buttons and this one was always a favorite. Again, I made a mold of the button and then cast it in silver. Here you see the result after the tarnishing. I also cut a bit of the pattern out and this will be a pendant.  vintagebutton1 Here I experimented with a leaf imprint and some patterning. Though this piece is a bit more natural and modern, I think it also has a delicate almost Georgian look to it. This I colored with a few quick baths in the sulpher and quick wiping with a rag. Though you cannot see it here, it has a peacock bluish/green shade about the leaf with touches of pink coming through. I also dipped the hand twisted ring I made that holds it to the necklace.leafpendant

As many of us know, the economy is getting worse and one worries about money. This has lead me to consider a small ‘at home’ business that can supplement my Stay at Home status. I haven’t any intention of leaving my at home job, nor does my hubby wish me to do so. But, it is quite fitting and rather vintage to have a hobby for pin money sort of job. I shall keep you abreast of my attempts at jewelry and the vintage inspiration behind it as I learn and grow. I may even, if I get what I feel is talented enough at it, set up a little shop online to sell. A sort of ‘craft fair’ on the internet to share in our virtual community.

I hope all are having fun leading up to the Holiday season and Happy Homemaking.

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