Sunday, January 8, 2017

8 January 2017 Snow Day and a New Friend

We are snowed here at Toad Hall. It is a lovely sort of prison of cool blue waters and icy bright snowscapes. When one hasn't anywhere to go, such days are appreciated.

I love the long shadows on days like this. Everything is so much more brilliant. The sound of the world is quite muffled and one can feel the only person in the world out here at the end of a point snowbound.

I keep myself company with animals. This has always been the case. Two aged dogs and an ageless cat people my day. Yesterday we added a new friend: a tiny silkie chick freshly hatched in my little incubator. Our little chi, Monty, has always loved new chicks. It is true this time and he is alwasy so careful with the little fellows. He sits very quiet and licks them. This year I am hatching bantams which are 1/4 the size of traditional chickens so he will hopefully remain friendly with them as they will be rather close in size.

I wanted to start this Summer's chickens earlier so I ordered my various fertile eggs before Christmas to be shipped to me. It is always risky business hatching eggs shipped through the mail, but I have done it often and with mixed success. This time, however, it was foolish to order during the busiest time for the post. What should have taken two days to arrive took over a week. And that this little darling (one of 24 eggs set) manage to hatch makes her rather an amazing chick.

I am not sure what to name her yet (hoping she is a "her") but somehow I feel like the name of a Goddess or powerful being should be her moniker. Nike is the Goddess of strength, but for obvious reasons do not want our new little friend to be named after a famous trainer/sneaker/tennis shoe.

The Roman equivalent of Nike is Victoria. I think this shall be her name. I love it for its English usage but also that in the Roman mythology she was a symbol of Victory over death, which this little miracle seems to be. I have another dozen eggs that are 4 days behind so I am hoping that from that clutch we get at least one more chick to keep poor Victoria company. My goal was 6 bantam hens for the Summer.

Being snowed in today and pondering the white beauty out my studio window lead to today's artwork. We see many animals romp about outside, though never polar bears and penguins.  One takes artisitc license, certainly and I just had these two little fellows in my mind this morning. I had the idea to do a silly image that would be adorable on a t-shirt or bag. I hope you like it.

 You can go HERE if you are interested in purchasing the work on various items. Have a lovely day enjoying whatever weather you have in your part of the world.

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