Sunday, September 20, 2015

Night time Pepper picking in Garden and Toad Hall Martinis

Took Than to the Garden tonight to pick his peppers. These were given to me as seedlings by our Summer Neighbour, Lucy. The seeds came from her son who lives in Italy.
Although we have picked and used them in their green state, the red are so pretty and as hubby hoped, even hotter! He is right now working on his home-made creation he invented this Summer, the "Toad Hall Martini" it's basically a dirty vodka martini with fresh and pickled hot peppers and their juice.
This is the first time, however, he is making it with them red. When I had him taste it in the greenhouse when we picked them a few minutes ago, I said, "are they hotter" and he gave me that 'smoke coming out of the ears' look, so he was pleased. I, personally, don't do hot. To each their own.
Puss, of course, joined us for her nightly checking of the chickens, eyeing up Gree the frog in the pond and having her moonlight pond drink. We like our traditions here at Toad Hall. wink emoticon

Sunday night dinner

Sunday night dinner al fresco at Toad Hall. Steak tips again, ooh well wink emoticon

Calling all birds to Toad Hall.

We call the birds down from the trees at Toad Hall.
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