Thursday, July 1, 2010

1 July 1956 “Oh, You Beautiful Doll”

I thought today, in honor of our July Apronite of the Month on the Site, (Yes, we are back to honoring Apronite’s, so check that out on the site’s main page) I would post some adverts for 1950’s dolls, Enjoy.
dollad1 This appears to be a knock off Barbie (who came to life in 1959 at the end of the decade)dollad2
dollad3 dollad4
dollad5 This is a doll of a character from the popular children’s show, Howdy Doody,  Princess Summerfall Winterspring
Wouldn’t YOU like to have a Shirley Temple Doll?
Paper dolls, too!
And of course, who can forget Barbie? Though she really only appeared at the end of the 1950’s. Just imagined if she started in 55, the clothes would have remained wonderful.
Did you have a favorite doll or toy as a child?
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