Friday, October 14, 2011

14 October 1957 “Halloween Songs”

 50shalloween This probably won’t be my only Halloween post, as I think it such a fun and kitschy holiday. It is definitely one of the times, as well as Christmas, that I wish I had a little one to dress up and entertain.

Though there are many Christmas songs, there are actually a few vintage Halloween songs as well. I love this number from the 1950 movie My Blue Heaven starring  Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, Jane Wyatt, David Wayne and Mitzi Gaynor and directed by Henry Koster. Though it is not a Halloween movie, there is a wonderful Halloween number and song. It it is at minute 2:15 in the following clip.


If you would like to watch this move entirely you can watch it HERE at the Apron TV. (If it doesn’t load, go to Classic Movies, click load more and it is the last move listed in 13 parts. Enjoy it!)

Here is a great number from 1965 from the King Sisters. I love how the opening is a play on Alfred Hitchcock.

Here is something rather fun. Someone owns a vintage 1949 children’s filmstrip on Halloween that would have been shown in school. It is read by the owner so might be enjoyable for a child to watch.

Here is a fun song, Punky Pumpkin, sung here by Fran Allison with some fun images of vintage Halloween decorations and ephemera.

Here is a little ditty called “ Trick ‘r Treat”

Here is “Midnight Stroll” by the Re-vels

And I will close here with this wonderful 1922 Betty Boop cartoon about Halloween.

How many of you decorate for Halloween? Do you make homemade costumes or buy traditional costumes such a ghost, witch, hobo, for your children or do they dress up like modern cartoon or TV characters?

Happy Homemaking.

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