Friday, June 24, 2011

24 June 1957 “Barbecue 1950’s Style”

newbarbecue If many of you are like me, you like to find and use vintage items. That is why I love to have a catalog of what was available so it is easier to identify items as I come across them or to know how to look them up to find them. As Summer is officially started, I thought I would share these fun Barbecue items with you. Happy hunting!barbecue6This electric smoker looks interesting and might be waiting for someone at a yard sale this summer or in Grandma’s back potting shed.

 barbecue8 I would love this darling plain grill. The handle makes it a dream to take with you on picnic or boat or beach.

barbecue7 The electric ‘bellows’ is a bit much, but does show the move to having every convenience available to you, especially if it was powered by electricity, once a rather trip source of power, though not so now.barbecue9 I think we have all seen these coffee urns, they were such a part of any social function from school, the club, church, you name it, it was there standing sentential with hot tea, coffee, cocoa. Here, however, it is a ‘new thing’.

Now, to go along with that fun new grill, some great vintage recipes. These are certainly relevant today and sound rather easy. Enjoy them.

barbecue2(again, I love the plaid grill, so stylish).

 barbecue3 barbecue4 barbecue5

Now, let’s close with Ward Cleaver’s take on ‘Women’s Place’ to son Wally. I think, however, we can see that at the time it was taken tongue in cheek and that though women were primarily at home, I don’t think Ward means anything degrading by it. And I love the punch line, with the asbestos gloves.

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