Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 May 1957 “Do Our Gadgets Help or Hinder?”

This morning I had a harried modern morning. Hubby had to be to work earlier so I had to get up and head out the door. Now, let me preface this by saying I almost never use the car any longer.
When I originally decided to get rid of our second car, we were half way through 1955, but then knew that we would be moving back to a different home, so it got put on the back burner. And even though I knew I was driving less and buying less, I was still making unnecessary trips to buy things I did not need. I did not have to be innovative or a better planner so that when I had the car I made sure I got everything needed. Or if I needed something I didn’t have, how to make do and be creative.

So, now I have come to loathe the car so that I use it once a week for my marketing day. I plan everything out to get it done on that day, post, bank, shopping and home. This morning, however, I had to rush out the door and get to the bank. Once there I am told, “The systems are down”. “What does that mean?” I ask, innocently enough, “Well, we can’t do anything”. “I just need to deposit”, say I. “Well, we can take it but we can’t give you a receipt. READ MORE
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