Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 February 1955 "Happy Valentines Day"

Just a quick one tonight as we have plans tonight in the city.

I just wanted to show off one of my two valentines day gifts from my darling hubby. This wonderful vintage fur coat! He won't tell me where he found it, but I love it! I am wearing it out tonight to dinner and the theatre.

I made this shot like a colored black and white photo. I am wearing my mother's pearl earrings and one of my new hats. I also am wearing a new pair of vintage inspired shoes that I LOVE!

Let's just say the theme today is love.

Oh, the second 'gift' is a new dishwasher. Not really, it is the one that already lives in our kitchen, but hubby said it would have been a good valentines day gift and he is right. I was looking for the right time to start using it and this is it!

Also, a quick story about what I love about 1955 compared to 2009: Garters and stockings! The other day I didn't have any clean stockings and I had to go out, so I broke down, reached into the hidden recesses of my lingerie drawer, where the 21st century items have been stashed and pulled out a pair. They are horrible. They pinck and slide down. At one point, in the grocery store, I was sure they were about to plop down to my ankles. I am sure, ladies, you know what I mean. I am quite tall and this has always been a horror for me, finding nylons long enough for comfort, but with stockings, they stay put and leave one free and easy, yay 1955!

Here is a list from one of my 'new' home books that seem like really good ideas.
SO, I will leave these with you to think upon on this fine Valentines Day evening.

Until tomorrow, then, Happy St. Valentines Day!

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