Monday, March 1, 2010

1 March 1956 “Just an Update”

This weekend and this morning, amongst all my usual homemaking (today is laundry day and list day!) I have been working on revamping the website. I want to slowly evolve it into a continuation of our community here, so check it out. Click HERE.

On the new main page you will find (besides the new layout and design) that our Apronite of the month is up (our Danish friend Sanne) and that another follower and helper in the Forums, Cedar, has written a lovely article about Vintage Entertaining, which you can also access from the main page.

If you get a change go to the Entertaining page and you will see how I hope to have all the pages laid out. More like a ladies magazines with organized ways to click and link to other topics, what books pertain to it, to the forum topics etc. This page (and the Cocktail party page and the Tea Party page) still need more content but you can see the layout I am hoping for.)

I know someone mentioned wanting to join in on the Forums and were confused. Before I started this site I did know what a forum really was and had never been on one. But, you must go to the Forum and join and then you can access all the conversations and discussion. It really is fun. I think of it as many little blogs mixed with a good ole coffee klatch!

Now, don’t admonish me that this post is about the website instead of 1956. I am still very much alive in that year, but I really feel the need to continue on growing our community with the tools we have available now. It does me now good to sit alone in 1956 and not have a way to share and communicate with all of you. I feel we can all use some Vintage in our life.

So, check that out and enjoy. I shall be back with a blog per usual Wednesday.

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