Monday, August 22, 2011

22 August 1957 “Another New Vintage Weekly News and a Vintage Farming Video”

I won’t bore or disgust you with yesterday’s cleaning efforts at the house. Suffice it to say that I have never in my life almost become ill from smell and cleaning, but yesterday made that a first. I shall leave it at that.

Today we have another new Weekly Vintage News (They are now weekly as daily was far too much for little ole’ me to keep up with) and its main focus is Farming life in the 1950’s. So check out this week’s News by clicking the link on the right or simply go HERE.

To accompany this theme, here is an interesting two part video on 1950’s farming. You will notice the continued talk of soil conservation and the farmers working together, not much as happens today with Corporate farm mandate and dictates to the remaining farms from the like of Monsanto. The example of how to manage the forest is also evidenced to be greatly difference than today’s act of stripping entire forests. Enjoy it. I have also place it under Gardening and How We used to live on APRON TV.

Happy Homemaking.


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