Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 October 1956 “Boots Mystery Solved, October Dress Challenge, and a ‘New’ Christmas Album”

ladieswinterboots I thought I would start with this mystery finally solved. It turns out these style boots WERE hollow-heeled and worn over your shoes. Rachel was kind enough to find this post on Living Vintage HERE where in she bought two pair of these style boots only to find vintage shoes INSIDE! What a wonderful find.
I bought some lovely grey wool suiting the other day for my October Challenge dress. I am going to use this pattern, which I believe I shared with you before, as well as my ‘new’ hat pattern.octdresspatternsIf the dress turns out well, I may use the top of the pattern (which has buttons) as a jacket pattern. Then I will make a sheath out of this fabric as well to go with the jacket.  This will really give me good fall/winter mix to my wardrobe.
Though the buttons I purchased are not ‘vintage’ they  do look it.buttons7They look quite lovely with the dark grey suiting. I will, of course, share the final result with you. I am going to start on it today.
I know it is a bit early to talk of Christmas (I do love it though, it is one of my favorite holidays) but I just received this album.perrycomo56 It actually came out in 1956 so that is extra exciting for me. Here is one of the songs from the album (though sung in 1958 in the video).
Happy Homemaking.
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