Friday, December 2, 2011

2 December 1957 “Homemade Christmas Gifts”

I thought as we lead up to Christmas day I might share some fun make yourself crafts and gifts for the holiday season. As none of us have too much too spend and we vintage minded folk like the spirit of Christmas more so than the gifts, it could be fun.

makexmasgifts1 These darling kitchen helpers would warm any homemaker or chef’s heart. A clever rooster and watermelon make for an interesting pot holder. And the Duck is Devine as is the well manicured hand of the oven mitt.

We must understand that in the 1950’s a certain level of free handed or craftiness was left to the reader. These ‘instructions’ are not like today’s with easy download templates and patterns. But what I like is it allows, with a good pictorial guide, to let the reader make them the size they would like.

roosterpotholder Here are the instructions for the rooster pot holder.

duckwatermelonpotholders Here are the duck and watermelon instructions.

handovenmitt And finally the clever hand oven mitt. These could easily be made form scrap fabric or even if you bought remnants in the pre cut bins of your local craft or fabric store.

I realize this is a rather short post and I have been rather lax of late, but I have been extra busy lately. I do hope you will allow as this is a busy season. Let’s talk and chat about Christmas, as it is such a fun time of the year. As I said before, as these past three 1950’s years have passed for me I get more excited about the joy of simple things like decorating the tree, listening to Christmas records, making homemade ornaments, cookies and getting together to sing carols. The stress and rush of the old Christmas with a list too long and too much money spent and the anger and frustration of other shoppers are not fodder for a fun Christmas. The more we can simplify and do with less stuff but make MORE traditions and activities the better we shall all be, especially our wallets and county.

Lets talk Christmas Crafts. Let’s talk today more about it on the Forum under Homemaking, Crafts, Christmas Crafts. Share your ideas or ask questions or give answers or heck, just drop by.

Happy Homemaking.

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