Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 December 1955 "Snowed In"

This will be hubby this morning.

And, perhaps this will be me!

We have been hit by the “Blizzard of 2009” as it is being hailed. Of course to me it will always be the blizzard of ‘55.

I had meant to post yesterday, but before the blizzard could hit a virus hit my computer and I had to leave it untouched until hubby returned home to help.

I will return later today with a Christmas post. I know it is late hours now, but there might still be time to make some fun homemade items for the holidays, particularly if you are snowed in and cannot get to the stores!

Well, off to make pancakes and eggs, hot chocolate and coffee. Hubby will be coming in soon, frozen and wanting something warm in his belly. Until later today, then.

How many of you have been hit by this blizzard?

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