Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May 1957 “Before Your Baby Sitter Comes: A Vintage Article, Father Knows Best on the Radio, and a short film: How Quiet Helps at School”

 harrieddad Hubby and I have not yet stepped into the role of parents. The various discussions on preparations for such a decision almost always includes child care. We feel, for us, if we were to have a child I would like to be the primary care giver and being a SAHM. Yet many women today cannot do this. Many women today, as well, have careers that they cannot leave off. And even for SAHM, there are times when mother and father have to go out (hopefully) together. So, the subject of the ‘sitter’ must be a very important one in the discussion parents have to have.
Therefore, I wanted to share this article from one of my magazines entitled: Before your baby sitter comes” (Simply click on each image to enlarge and read)
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