Saturday, August 14, 2010

14 August 1956 "I'm no Ethel Mertz"

I am a horrible landlady, well horrible in the sense that I hate doing it. I always end up with the worse tenants who make a mess, destroy the house (doors unhinged, glittery stars spelling out a child's name that are glued onto the drywall, and my prized koi pond I had for 10 years completely dry and uncertain where all the dead fish ended up) Lucy and Ricky they ain't.
Although technically Ethel and Fred were the building Super I believe, not the land lady. All I know is I spent the day showing a house that was filthy, piled so high with boxes you could not enter certain rooms and a destroyed pond with no yard maitenance. Needless to say, I had no takers today for the house.
So now tomorrow I have to be there from noon until 5 showing potential new tenants who hopefully will not become more destructive then the last. If our real estate market hadn't had a meltdown I would consider selling, but that seems hardly an option at present.
I therefore ask you forgiveness for now proper post these past two days. Maybe someone will feel sorry for me and leave me some comments of encouragement and joy to placate my sad soul. Nothing makes me despair more of the human animal than my continual trust of people's innate goodness only to be proved wrong every time a tenant leaves the house in shambles with seemingly no remorse. I have to accept that others Won't do as I would do.
Maybe I should do as William Holden did in this episode of Lucy and turn the tables. I could go to the tenants next house and knock holes in their walls, destroy their garden and paint their rooms hot pink and see how they like it.

Of course we know what happens to Mr. Holden in the end of that scene. I suppose I will go on being the patsy from my tenants and hoping, somehow, that people do have some goodness deep down inside.
Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.
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