Friday, December 3, 2010

3 December 1956 “Some Music From This Year”

I thought I would just post some fun music that came out this year, 1956. Enjoy!
The four Preps:
This is another well known song from the Preps
Harry Belafonte’s hit ‘Banana Boat’ was also released this year:
The wonderful Duke Ellington and “Take the A-Train”:
Johnnie Ray, here performing this year on the Frankie Laine Tv show. He sings walking in the rain and If I Had You:
Dinah Shore, on her own show, singing “Honeysuckle Rose”. I adore her dress here:
The lovely Kay Star singing her 1956 hit ‘Rock and Roll Waltz’. The term Rock and Roll is really becoming a part of the vernacular here at the end of ‘56.
Eve Boswell’s famous but not very often heard song “Pickin’ a Chicken”. It was a popular South African Song with new words. This song hit #9 on the UK charts this year, 1956. She was a very talented lady and lived in many countries and spoke many languages. Her follow up albumeveboswell would have her singing in 9 different languages!
Well, enjoy the music and Happy Homemaking.
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