Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August 1957 “Checking In”

stressedwoman.jpg I am sorry to be absent these past days. I have had a more than usual full plate. With decisions on our home for sale, final dealings with tenants and court dates (we were able to get into the house today…I can’t even discuss the damage right now).

I just wanted all to know I am fine and am very apologetic to have not posted in the past few days. I shall return to normalcy soon as we make some more serious decisions. I have been able to also enjoy moments of Cape Cod summer fun. Tea yesterday in town and a fun poke through our local shops. Biking to the beach and gorging on seafood. Relaxing by the fire as the cool of the evening sets in, the sounds of crickets and our laughter filling the summer night. I am trying to keep some good mixed in with the bad.

I hope all are well and are busy and enjoying their own Summer (Or whatever season your hemisphere is currently in)

Happy Homemaking.

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