Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 October 1955 “A trip to NYC 1955, 21st.century Cheering, and Meat Buying”


I found this 25 minute video of two young college girls trip to NYC. It is interesting for the fashion and other things. I love how everyone wears gloves and hats and the main blonde girl has the most darling summer mesh gloves. This was obviously done by and for TWA, but interesting culturally anyway.

There is a bit when the girls see a parade and there are some girls in a ‘drill team’. To see their simple movements and long dresses seems so sweet and amateur compared to a cheer or drill squad today. What struck me, and again I am not a prude, is how over sexualized this type of thing is today.

So, as an example of the comparison of what the girls did in the parade in 1955 to today at a High School Cheer Squad.

I cannot believe how much like a strip club these moves are. I am not sure why it has become popular to have young girls be over sexualized. You would think that with sexual freedom one could stop focusing on it altogether, as ‘what is the big deal’. I just keep thinking if I were a parent and this was my daughter, would I feel pride? And for the girls themselves, rather than it being just fun for them, it is again about being sexy and ‘ready’ for boys. Women’s liberation here seems displayed in a way that is more about men ogling you as an object than any personal freedoms or fun. But, that is just my opinion. Maybe I am a prude.

Oh, I promised I would include the video on the return of nylon/stockings. It is sweet and I like the bit about Dior at the end. This is part of a film about post war world that Bob Hope Narrates.

Well, since we are planning on trying our VICTORY WEEK for next week, I have already noticed my own baking and cooking more this week. I like this, as well, because it makes me have more ‘realistic’ moments. I mean, I have not even started VICTORY WEEK yet and I am already noticing things about the amount of food I have compared to what I would have had during the war. For example, I used my entire weeks ration of butter yesterday to make a batch of cookies as well as a considerable amount of my sugar and flour.

I think what will make the VICTORY WEEK such a good test for me is that I can really feel, after it, how lucky I am to have so much available. It will also allow me to remember what it was to not have so much and to then not want to waste.

I have already, this year,  found myself using more of what I would have considered garbage or throwaway last year. Yet, there is always more realizations and more learning. For example, this morning at breakfast hubby and I had grapefruit. When we were done with it I realized I would not (were I lucky enough to have a citrus fruit) throw out that rind! I’d save it and use it to make marmalade. So VICTORY WEEK is going to be a good learning curve for me and this project.

I think if we can, we modern homemakers, not feel we have to ‘punish’ ourselves by using less, but to try and use much less to see how much we do have. The comparison will be good for us and help us to realize where we stand with food and that, yes, we can use less, consume less, spend less and be healthier and less wasteful.  All of this would make it easier to shop local, where it might be a little more than a chain, and still save.

I bet there are many two family incomers out there that could really cut back their food use/budget and maybe some thinks like expensive coffee drinks and allow one or both of them to work one or two days less a week. That would give more time to put into making your own and being less dependent and over time I bet they could become a one income family or two part time incomes. I honestly believe this! So, anyone out there wanting to try and become a single income family, these are the types of things we need to try. Unfortunately, just wishing it will be won’t make it happen, but to realize how much power you actually have in your own spending and abilities is a powerful tool to creating your life how you would like it to be! Apron Revolution, ladies!

Well, on the topic of food and food buying, I wanted to share this article on buying meat properly and not being duped by your butcher. It actually has some good info about meat that I didn’t know. Most of us just go to the local chain, never see the ‘butcher’ and just grab what is wrapped in Styrofoam and plastic. You can click on the image to make it larger and read the article.

meat article 1 meat article 2 meat article 3 meat article 4 meat article 5 Let me know what you think of the article and can we use the information today to shop wiser? I know you can talk and request things from the ‘butcher’ in a chain store. Our big Stop and Shop does have butchers, you just have to get their attention and then request things. I wonder how much their knowledge is diminished from the 1950s? Do they know or need to know as much about meat as a local shop owner or butcher?

I do not have all of my art things as yet unpacked, as they are awaiting me patiently in my future studio, but I did want to dash out a quick superhero. She will evolve and be better drawn in the future and might possibly be in a little comic strip now and again as the mood hits. I just had to draw the image of a homemaker with the apron as a cape and so thought I would share my little scribble with you.


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