Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 December 1956 “Make This Mouse & Fun Mail Order”

santamouse1 Continuing on some of our ‘Home-Made Christmas’ I had to share this darling little mouse. Now, I know it might be odd to give this as a gift, it is still a fun thing to make and keep for future Christmas. I also think his/her suit could be made in any colors and not look like Santa and therefore be a fun gift for a small child or someone who appreciates Vintage. Because, actual vintage is lovely, but things made now with love with actual Vintage patterns are very special I feel.
Again, we must remember that instructions and patterns back then were much more ‘adult’ in that they did not hold your hand step by step. But, I think if one takes the time to read the instructions and copy out or simply change the dimensions of the squares on the computer to 1” it would be fine. santamouse2santamouse3
And Just for fun, I love these types of shopping ads in my old magazines. They especially show up around the Holiday issues. Here are a few mail order ideas you could get for your loved one’s in Christmas 1956.xmasgiftsWhich of these little gifts would you have liked to get under your tree? The Ham? The Jumbo Ashtray? The Jet Age Model?
Have a great day and Happy Homemaking.
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