Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 October 1955 “Tea Parties and Buffet Suppers”

I have not found my usual time to post my blog today. I would like to discuss the end of VICTORY WEEK and share some recipes, but for this Saturday night, I offer you up these helpful movies about “Arranging a Tea Party” and “The Buffet Supper”. I found them, though simple, rather helpful and fun; just a reinforcement of common sense.

Let me know what you think. Perhaps, in the future, we should propose a tea party day a month, or buffet supper for friends or  something along those lines. We could try and get back into such habits and share recipes, ideas, and outcomes.

Next, is a movie laying out a Buffet Supper. I love that they show a younger woman asking and learning from an older woman. She could be a wise neighbor or a parent or grandparent. Buffet suppers can be nice for holiday parties, such as tree trimming or cookie baking party, since a more formal sit down meal would most likely be left for actual Day of the Holiday. What do you think of the advice, silly or helpful?


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